Mastering in Latex (4)

During the writing of my PhD mid-term exam text, I dealt with some common and usual issues with latex language. Because of this, I decide to share the most relevant and those which are difficult to find an alternative in the internet.

1) How can I put a citation at the caption in a figure?

Probably, you have already dealt with this situation once during your writing process. This is really easy to do if you are used Word but at the Latex, you will need some additional command. Below, there is an example of how I made in my text:

  \caption[Map of 2013.]{Map 2013.}
  \caption*{Source: IBGE \cite{IBGE}.}

Some important comments. The command \caption has two parameters: a) text that will appear in the table of contents and b) text of the caption.

2) How can I insert two figures in parallel?

I know that there is a lot of alternatives to do this but most of them didn’t work for me. The only which works was through the command below using \subfigure:

 	\subfigure[Front View]{
 	\caption{Basket Stadium.}

 If you decide to use it, don’t forget to insert its package. You can do this using this command:


3) How can I insert a footnote in a table?

This is another common situation during the writing, e.g. if you want to describe an acronym that is present in the table. In my case, I do this using the threeparttable command, you can find the package and command below:

	\caption{Reference Caption}
	\begin{tabular}{C{0.5cm} C{1.0cm} }
		No	& Hour	\\ \hline
		1   	& 13:00 \\
		2   	& 13:04 \\
		3   	& 13:14  \\
		4   	& 13:20\footnotemark[1] \\ \hline
      	  \item \footnotemark[1]{text to reference}.

In all of the cases, I don’t know if I chose the best or most beautiful alternative to solve the problem but they worked for me and could work for you!

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