VGI in Disaster Management at LabES Lectures

IMG_0771Last Wednesday, 11/09, I presented a speeach at LabES lectures detailing the conduction of a systematic literature review aimed to analyze the use of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) as a source of information to support the activities of disaster management, executed by some members of AGORA Team.

Some of its findings show the growing of use volunteers’ information in this field of application, on the last three years (2009-2012). Besides this, it also highlighted the gap on studies focused on develop activities aimed to help on the recovery phase and very few papers which address the usage of crisis mapping platforms (e.g. Ushahidi, Elva).

This research named “The use of Volunteered Geographic Information and Crowdsourcing in Disaster Management: a Systematic Literature Review” was published at 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) and can be find here. The slides of my lecture is available here.

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