Technologies for helping with floods

0,,42907077,00Researchers of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMC) of the University of São Paulo (USP) in São Carlos/SP developed a sensor that can help on the floods management. This sensor is installed at the bottom of the river and send real-time information for a database located in the university. All these data are used by a system which aims to show, in a web dashboard, the river’s depth and an index related with risk of flood. The main researchers of these projects are Prof. Dr. Jó Ueyama (ICMC/USP) in collaboration with Prof. Dr. João Porto de Albuquerque (ICMC/USP) and Prof. Dr. Eduardo Mario Mediondo (EESC/USP), I am in the group of Prof. João Porto and my project aims to increase the process of decision-making. Below, there is link for the interview realized by EPTV (local member of Rede Globo, an important TV channel in Brazil) with Prof. Dr. Jó Ueyama and Edmundo Neto, member of project (In Portuguese).

The access for the web system can be found on the following link.

All these technologies are an important step to help on activities of flood management executed by civil defence, public organizations or emergency agencies. For these reason, I want to congrats all researches for this fantastic result.

Enjoy it!

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